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Guangzhou: let the hotel mess no living space

Date: 2018-08-13

Rock on August 10, guangzhou market regulation on an illegal business hotel in guangzhou south station area to carry out the rectification action, organization law enforcement personnel in accordance with the law to guangzhou south station area 5 hotels, check the address about the alleged false clues about 4 families of self-employed business issued a rectification notice, for the sake of their immediate improvement.

Action, guangzhou rock out by market regulation law enforcement personnel 12 people, to find no examination revealed a door of self-employed business field;2 of self-employed business online store address and business license, the actual business address is consistent, but the name of the inaccurate expression (the name of the business license for so-and-so house lease service, but the name of the store for the xyz hotel, apartment);On August 1, 2 business operators through the rock garden of laws and regulations stable cross meeting after store shelves completely (with personal each righteousness before signed a contract with platform, online store address is inconsistent with the actual address).Market regulation law enforcement officers to 4 self-employed business issued a rectification notice, for the sake of their immediate improvement.

Previously, according to media reports related to customer complaints list of hotel, guangzhou of rock joint rock public security department, the market regulation law enforcement officers, a total of 24 hotels check, rental, illegal business operators 16 seized by the public security department.Guangzhou rock market regulations close relation of rock by the public security, supervision force, a clue is notified of rock public security, let the hotel mess no living space.

It is understood that the current tourism network platform management chaos, online travel service network platform (OTA) disorderly competition, all kinds of network without audit hotel is randomly sharing information, selling as much as a tourism network platform, born in guangzhou south station area hotel management chaos frequency.To regulate jurisdiction hotel and house law-abiding business, guangzhou rock according to the area market regulation by market regulation bureau of the rectification work required, to comb the jurisdiction consumption in the past two years and a list of hotels, rental to report complaints, and the area under its jurisdiction, 225 hotels, rental housing to check them one by one and screening, the alleged online store name and address of the hotel and house for rectification of false.

Area market supervision bureau leadership, said the next step, will establish a mechanism to troubleshoot and increasing online search frequency, to each big travel network platform in guangzhou south station area hotels, rental shop targeted monitoring.Guangzhou rock by market regulation will be actively involved in the rock garden organization to carry out the special operation of multi-sectoral joint control, increase the investigation dynamics, to form effective supervision together, effectively maintaining the market order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the broad masses of consumers.