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'Taiwan international prize announced' lingnan hotel topped the annual top ten hotel group

Date: 2018-04-26

Recently, the 7th China hotel culture festival and a world-class city group cooperation conference hotel restaurant in guangzhou grand opening.Meeting, the new Chinese hotel industry "Taiwan international award list, lingnan international hotel management co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: lingnan hotel) was awarded" top ten hotel group of the year "award.
China's hotel industry "Taiwan international award" by the national related department approval, issued by the China hotel association association, China's hotel industry's highest honor.At the awards ceremony, lingnan garden hotel, guangzhou hotel chef WenSiEn also made "international five-star chef of 2018" award;Lingnan hotel, Oriental hotel executive chef would get "2018 China hotel industry top ten star kitchen" fine reputation.
Lingnan hotel is lingnan holdings (000524) (SZ000524) at the core of the enterprise, its cover "lingnan garden hotel" "lingnan" Oriental "lingnan hotel" 5 "lingnan garden resort hotel" "lingnan garden hotel chain" "lingnan starlight camp" and "hill habitat and enjoy apartment" seven core brands, assets under management of more than 13 billion yuan, comfortably in south China.As with the international competitiveness of Chinese national hotel brand, lingnan hotel for many years deep integration of local culture and international management idea, is committed to the lingnan culture, the quality and originality by members of the hotel to the world.
Lingnan hotel constantly to speed up the pace of development.In July 2017, lingnan garden hotel brand with midea resort combining the building foshan heron lake lingnan garden hotel, with platinum five-star product and good service experience;In February 2018, lingnan Oriental spa blue mountain source in the world over the mountains yao township of guangdong shaoguan ruyuan grand opening, become the most desirable luxury in hot spring resort hotel;After 2018 Spring Festival, lingnan hotel's high-end serviced apartment brand - ridge habitat and enjoy apartment first shop, opened the lingnan hotel industry to the housing rental market strategic layout;Lingnan Oriental brand in zhongshan city, guangdong province is facing, as local high-end business model accommodation will be available in the near future.In addition, the original home boutique hotel brand, lingnan boutique hotel will be city located only a 5 world boutique hotel alliance members of the hotel, the lingnan starlight camp would become non-standard accommodation of new brands.Core location of nansha garden hotel is located in a large bay area of guangdong is opened in June 2018, lingnan tourism industry will further service construction and rapid development in the nansha deputy city center.
On the cultural festival, lingnan hotel, Oriental hotel as the conference site, as a counselor of the state council, the national commercial federation and the Chinese people's political consultative conference, guangzhou municipal government leaders and experts, the hotel industry leaders such as more than 1000 guests provide the international first-class service and wide wonderful house dinner, let the world's attention focused on guangzhou.As the classical heritage of broadly mansion cuisine and cantonese cuisine culture, lingnan hotel mobile party on behalf of the guangzhou city for many times, in davos BBS, 2017 wealth BBS in guangzhou, the guangzhou international investment conference, boao BBS guangzhou seminar and a series of major international event, present "guang fu flavor" + "lingnan brand" feast of food culture, to show the world the gold-lettered signboard of "eating in guangzhou".
In March 2018, with China southern airlines, GuangZhiLv combination of strategic resources, and the parent company of lingnan holdings (SZ000524) covering global tourism ecosystem resources, lingnan announced the formation of lingnan international hotel alliance.Union sets the monomer and regional hotel group of high quality at home and abroad, integrate resources, improve the competitive advantage, promoted the tourism industry of countries along the "area" depth fusion layout.By now, at least from the world's major cities and famous tourism destination, including 13 countries and regions, more than 30 cities at home and abroad, more than 100 featured in lingnan international hotel alliance, the lingnan hotel for Chinese tourists in strives for realism the innovation, to provide more better life and a strong practice possible.
Lingnan hotel in the future, will continue to depth great accommodation industry layout Chinese and global market, lingnan hospitality will reach.